Look you stupid bastard, you've got no arms left!

On October 31, 1997, the domain name “levellers.org” was born to carry a 300-year-old tradition into cyberspace....

History of the Levellers

Levellers Pamphlets

Levelling the Scales

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This Page is Dedicated to
D.C. AIDS Activist Steve Michael
Died - May 25, 1998

Political Funeral - June 4, 1998

"Over My Dead Body" :
Steve Michael fights MPP and AMR to protect patients in DC
as he dies of AIDS.

Interesting Links

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Information on medical marijuana (cannabis) in Colorado.

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Fighting 60 years of lies and mis-information with 10,000 years of history and facts.

Jury Rights Project 
 Jurors have an absolute right to vote according to their conscience. Also read about the case of Laura Kriho, the first juror to be prosecuted for how she voted in over 300 years!

Levellers Cannabis Page: Some older information and photos.

Colorado 420 Coalition

Colorado Legal Eagles

VFLOG: Video-Flogging


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The Levellers, a great rock band from the UK


Proposition One Committee

: Historic Information about the Levellers


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