Levellers Pamphlets

England's new chains - Part One

The Second Part of England's New Chains Discovered 1649

These pamphlets were written by one of the most courageous defenders of England's freedom who has ever lived.  Just check out John Lilburne's life story and you'll see the man faced death time after time to defend our freedoms and to expose evil and corruption that keeps the world in chains to this day.  How sad that Lilburne is hardly known by the people he has helped the most... the poor and the needy.  Respect now fully due to the man!!  And lets make a film of his incredible life story!

1647: A pact between Cromwell and The Levellers

1649: John Lilburne's Leveller Manifesto: An Agreement of the Free People of England

1649: The testimony of the Burford Levellers: The Levellers Vindicated <- this one is particularly good

1649: A Leveller message 'to the whole world': England's Standard Advanced

This Leveller petition was presented to Parliament on 11 September 1648. Signatories included about 1/3 of all Londoners

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