Initiative 59 is the Only Game in Town
AMR should leave DC politics alone

Date: Fri, 23 Jan 1998 16:45:08 EST
To: Multiple recipients of list <>
Subject: Important news from DC

Attention Everyone

I just checked out the current issue of the DC Register and discovered that
Amr's DC attorney failed to move to consolidate the hearings for their
medical marijuana initiative.   That means that they will not be able to hit
the streets until April--at the earliest.  That means that on February 4th
the Board of Elections will approve the petition sheets for the Initiative I
sponsored (Initiative 59).  The Board will then rule on the other two medical
marijuana initiatives as appropriate matters for initiative.  They must then
come back to at least two more board meetings before Amr can gather signature

It is clear that the only game in town is Initiative 59. Even Amr's Zimmerman
and Fratello admit that the September 15 DC primary is the best election for
us to be on in DC.  In order to qualify an initiative for that ballot
signatures must be turned in by May 15th.

ACT UP Washington members will have three and one half months to gather the
needed signatures.  Amr's will have no more than five weeks.  Even Amr cannot
ignore these facts.

I call on everyone to contact Amr and help convey to them the importance of
working with those of us that live here in DC.

I call on Amr to accept reality and get on board the Initiative 59 bandwagon.

Steve Michael
Sponsor, Initiative 59

409 H Street, NE Suite 1
Washington, D.C. 20002-4335
Phone: 202-547-9404

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