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The Jury Rights Project is dedicated to:

  • educating jurors about ther right to acquit people who have been accused of victmless crimes and thereby veto bad laws
  • protecting jurors from judicial and prosecutorial tyranny
  • educating citizens about the history and power of juries
  • distributing current news related to jurors and juries

The Jury Rights Project (JRP) was founded in Colorado to defend the 1000-year-old tradition of trial by jury. The JRP is dedicated to educating citizens about the importance of juries and the rights of jurors.

The JRP is committed to preserving and enhancing the rights of jurors to be the voice of the community without fear of retribution. Through education, the JRP will empower citizens to defend their 6th Amendment right to trial by jury, which includes the right to serve on a jury as well as the right to be judged by an impartial jury of your peers.

The JRP formed in response to the case of Laura Kriho, a Gilpin County juror who was maliciously prosecuted after she was the lone holdout juror on a drug possession case. Kriho was convicted of
contempt of court, after four months of deliberation by the judge, for failing to volunteer information about her political beliefs and knowledge of the Constitution during jury selection.

Kriho's conviction is an unprecedented assault on jury rights and the independence of juries from judges. It has national ramifications for potential jurors and for defendants and plaintiffs seeking a fair and impartial jury. Jurors will now be reluctant to deliberate freely and will fear to vote against the majority lest they be investigated and prosecuted later. A fair trial is impossible if the jurors are serving under the threat of prosecution.

The Jury Rights Project seeks to enhance the justice system by educating citizens about jury issues and by supporting legislation that empowers juries and their rights.


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